Top Search Engines That Don’t tracks You!

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Google is Most common and powerful search engine, in fact we can say it’s #1 search engine but most of the user’s don’t known about  how Google tracks user,  DontTrack.Us Article proper guide you how Google track you and why don’t have to use it!

Your Personal privacy on the web is less secure then you think, Most of the search engines tracked user via ‘Cookies’. protect personal information is the most important thing for user.

This article is not for giving the tips to how to protect your privacy over the internet, This article contain some Name of web-sites which helps user to being anonymous over the internet !

Top Search Engines that Don’t Tracks You!

 DuckDuckGo : 


ixquick :


➌ Blekko :


Start Page :


Faroo :


Gibiru :anon6

Hey Thank’s for Watching This Post and Protect Your Privacy…

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